Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Rating: 9/10

PDFs available: yes

Available at: iTunes, A Taste of Russian

The two creators of this podcast series, Alex and Evgeniy, have done a great job at making podcasts that are both entertaining to listen to and informative.  Throughout the series  their tone is conversational and rate of speech is slightly slower than conversational(except for two podcasts where they read the news).

They have a wide variety of topics in their podcasts, ranging from how to start a garage band, to how to rent an apartment in Moscow (there are 3 shows devoted to this very practical topic).   I would say that most of their podcasts are at the upper end of the intermediate level, some of them bordering on an advanced level.  Even I, with over 2 years of immersion experience in Ukraine, don’t know all of the words and phrases that they use in their show, however, they do a good job of explaining things in their podcasts.

I also find that I learn a little more from one of their podcasts every time that I listen to it.  Since they don’t sound like robots, I have found that I can listen to their podcasts over and over to try to soak up as many new words and phrases and I can.  For the last couple of summers, I would make extra money by painting or doing yard work.  I listened to these podcasts over and over.  They are good for that.  One thing that I really like is the fact that they use alot of colloquialisms in their series.  While people interested in Russian for literature or formal translation may balk at this, I study Russian to keep in touch with people that I have met on my travels, and to make new friends, so I am interested in learning slang.

All in all, this is a great podcast for anyone who has reached an intermediate level of Russian.



Dear TOR,

Your site is the answer to all of my prayers.  I am an American, self-taught in Russian (mostly.... my wife is from Belarus).  Anyway, I did all that I could with book-based programs and Rosetta Stone and your site is the perfect solution for me now that I am not a beginner.  I don't know what prompted you to create this site, but thank you for it.  I also work everyday in my grammar, but I need to hear and read the real language to get to the next level.

James Wetzel, USA


It's a couple of years now since I first discovered your excellent podcasts. They helped me a lot to improve my listening skills in Russian, as well as my pronunciation.

I was happy to find out that you finally decided to work professionaly on this remarkable project. I became a premium member today, so that I am glad to become a part of it! It is such a pleasure to support you!

Not to mention the quality of the podcasts themselves... The texts are well balanced, not too long, not too short. Your explanations are the best part of it: usually I am not so interested in the vocabulary of a particular lesson, but I learn the most by paying special attention to the vocabulary that you use to explain it. For example, I am not particularly interested in fitness or anything that can be found in a gym, but that podcast (lesson 17) was one of the best anyway, just because of the words you used to explain things.

Another observation is: I like your sense of humor, particularly on the podcast about drinking.

Leo Linhares, Brazil


Because my Russian is rusty I'm going to be really lazy and write this in English, but wanted to say a huge Thank You for your podcasts!

They are really fantastic and incredibly useful. I'm using them to review my Russian (I was in the Army 25 years ago as a Russian linguist, and these days I'm an actor and hope to have more excuses to speak Russian in whatever roles at some point).

I really appreciate the time, care and intelligence that goes into these podcasts. You guys should feel really proud of the great work you're doing!

Morse Bicknell, USA


Dear Alex and Evgeny!

First of all thank you for your wonderful website. It really is brilliant and has really helped me to become more fluent in Russian. The format is great and I particularly like listening to the podcasts whilst reading the texts. Огромное спасибо!!

Joshua Searle, Ireland (and Ukraine now)



I just want to say - I REALLY LOVE THIS SITE! - I've been learning Russian for a few years as an academic and I've been looking for something like this ever since I started - well done! I have already passed it on to several people I know.

Robert Collins


Thanks for this podcast,
it is really useful for improving on my listening skills and learning
about some phrases I wouldn't find in any dictionary.

Best regards

Martin Ruetz, Austria


Меня зовут Роберт и я из Польши. Я ещё плохо говорю по-русски потому-что я учу русский язык только один год, я студент русского языка. Я очень люблю слушать ваши подкасты дома или когда я еду на машине в университет. Я учусь очень быстро на ваших подкастов, огромное спасибо!



Hi A Taste of Russian - Team,

just wanted to say that I much admire your work.
It is very well done and I think it really helps 'intermediate' learners!

Best wishes,



Я только хотел сказать "Спfсибо большое" за ваши подкасты. Я учу русский дома и когда я хожу на работe, я всегда слушаю их, просто отлично!


Грег из Австралии